About Me


Thank you so much for stopping by! Welcome to my food blog and I am so glad to introduce myself here. I am Abirami Gunasekaran, writer and photographer of this website (you can call me “Abi”). I am a video creator too and I run  a  YouTube channel “Veg2Nonveg Kitchen” and blogging is new to me. Thought I should create a written step by step procedure for the recipe with the clear picture and explanation so ended up with this blog 😀

To tell more about me, I was born and brought in southern part of India (Karaikudi/Chettinad). Yeah you got me! You can obviously find many Chettinad recipes on my blog 🙂 I am a vegetarian by birth and Eggetarian by choice(Don’t ask me why I am not eating meat because I don’t have the answer;)) I live in Midwest of US with my loving husband (Thiyagu) and a year old daughter (Sainika). He (Hubby man) loves Non vegetarian dishes, so you can find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes as well and that’s how we named our channel and blog as “Veg2Nonveg” Kitchen !

All started 3 years before, we (Me and my husband) where talking about starting a YouTube channel for my recipes and I was seriously into it. You can find nearly 80 plus videos till date. All the recipes in this website are shared by my friends, collected from my Mom, MIL, from cooking magazines, TV shows and of course some of the recipes are my own creations.

Apart from cooking I am into crafts, DIY and recently I am in love with “Food Photography” and I am so involved into it. Every day I am learning something new in photography, food styling, composition, etc., you can check my food photographs on my portfolio section.

I appreciate all your comments and feedback’s for the betterment of my blog. Hope you enjoy your stay!




All the content and photographs in this blog are a copyright of Veg2Nonveg Kitchen. The Images seen in this blog are not available for free usage so please drop me an email requesting for permission. Thanks for your understanding!